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Ultimate Driving Craft DVDs and Advanced Driving Days


Ultimate Driving Craft DVD

Ultimate Driving Craft 1

How to do commentary driving. Builds in stages from the ground up to police advanced driving level, plus much more. This DVD is loaded with information and advice to improve your driving.

Ultimate Driving Craft DVD

Ultimate Driving Craft 2

This double DVD details, supported by slow motion and graphics, how to achieve the correct speed before entering a bend. This

is vital information for all drivers and driving instructors. Includes overtaking, night driving and much more.


Ultimate Driving Craft 3

Ultimate Driving Craft 3

Filmed using 2 HD cameras for picture in picture. Includes highlights of a 6 hour Hendon advanced car course route through 5 counties together with the famous Chris Gilbert teaching commentary.


Advanced Driver Training Days with Chris Gilbert

CG Driving Days are much in demand and get booked very quickly. There is often a waiting list. For example 2015 is now fully booked. Please visit the link below where you will find available dates for 2016.  To avoid disappointment  it is vital to book early!

  Advanced Driver Training Days with Chris Gilbert


Sgt Chris Gilbert,

driving instructor to

  The Duchess of York, The Duchess of Gloucester and

The Earl of Ulster.

The highlight of Chris's police driving career was to teach

Prince William and

Prince Harry to drive in preparation for their

'L' driving test.

The photo below was taken at Highgrove in front of TV News reporters and the world's media the day before Prince William's driving test.

Chris pictured with

HRH Prince Charles,

Prince William and

Prince Harry

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DVD features
  • Wide screen 16.9
  • TV–style presentation
  • Professional quality
  • PAL format
  • Menu that lets you choose which section to watch

Bought by drivers in -



Hong Kong
Isle of Man
New Zealand


Saudi Arabia
South Africa



The main reason for making these DVDs is to pass on some of the knowledge and experience Chris has gained working at the 'cutting edge' of police advanced driver training at the world

famous Metropolitan Police Motor Driving School at Hendon

NW London with the aim of improving driving standards

and road safety in general.

Ultimate Driving Craft  DVDs have been a huge success having sold worldwide to drivers in 39 countries and includes Police Driving Schools in the UK & Australia, Canada, New Zealand & United States of America. Fire & Rescue Services,   Advanced Driving Groups, Ambulance Services, Government Departments,  The DSA, RoSPA, Royal Mail, Road Safety Officers,

driving instructors, driving enthusiasts, new drivers, advanced drivers and those aspiring to become such.

"During three decades, we've attended courses on advanced driving and watched countless videos on the subject, but none has inspired us like Chris Gilbert's Ultimate Driving Craft DVD series. Whether you're new to driving, need a refresher course, or are working hard to improve your driving to a very high standard, Chris's programmes offer priceless advice and a clear demonstration of all that's needed to become a highly perceptive and safe driver. Worth every penny"
Nigel & Lynn Watts-Plumpkin, Powys, Wales.
1st June 2015

"Chris, have received the full set of DVDs, and I have learned a lot through the instruction given. I must say I am very impressed with what you cover in your driving, and highly recommend them to anyone who gets behind the wheel. If every driver viewed these DVDs and put even 10% into practice, our roads would become a lot safer and driver frustration will dramatically reduce too!" 

Eddy Suckling  New Zealand - December 2014.   



Ultimate Driving Craft 1. Commentary Click for full details

For more than 70 years UK police driving schools have taught commentary driving as a means of developing a high visual driving horizon. The result for the driver is more information, more time to assess, more time to act, superior hazard perception skills and unhurried polished driving; the hallmark of the UK police advanced driver. In this DVD I will explain and demonstrate, in easy stages, the best method of teaching yourself commentary driving building from basics up to police advanced level.

However, this DVD is not just about commentary driving. It also covers town and city driving, motorways, country roads, bad weather driving, making safe progress, positioning and much more, all delivered with a detailed, informative, instructor's commentary.

"I took my IAM Special Assessment yesterday and thanks to your help in your DVD I carried out a running commentary all the way through, the examiner was quite pleased to say the least. Thanks for sharing your wealth of experience with the likes of me"
Clive MacLennan.


Ultimate Driving Craft 2. Day & Night      Click for full details

This double DVD builds on the knowledge gained from viewing Ultimate Driving Craft 1. I will unlock the mysteries of safe cornering and explain and demonstrate how the correct entry speed can be achieved into any bend anywhere in the world. Guesswork and gut feel is replaced with a tangible means of assessment resulting in very accurate approach and entry speed into any bend.

In my view the police method of cornering has never been explained in a way that is easy to understand and there is no finer way to explain it than with a moving picture that slowly unfolds aided by clever graphics. Almost every type of bend is covered.


Many times women drivers have asked me what they should do when driving alone at night when they suspect they are being followed. Having taught anti-surveillance driving techniques to the Government Car Service (Ministerial Drivers) I have used those skills to answer that question on the Night Driving disc.

" I watched your latest DVD last night and I had to drag myself off to bed at 1.45am. Some good learning sections for breaking it down for training purposes; thought the way you describe driving through bends - brilliant". TC.


Ultimate Driving Craft 3  Eyes on Main Beam   click for full details   

A double DVD set, and features advanced graphics and animation. Chris is particularly pleased with the high quality animation which will set new standards for driving DVDs. Run time is 140 minutes.

You will see the highlights of Chris driving one of his favourite fast Hendon advanced car course routes through five counties - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. There is a picture-in-picture view from a second camera of Chris behind the wheel so you will see steering and every single gear change, his application of the system of car control and more importantly, the timing of such.

You will also see a Central London drive with the second camera facing the rear. The editing company have reversed the image and positioned it as picture-in- picture and mounted it where the rear view mirror would be - very clever!


"I've viewed the new DVD 3 and it's excellent. I particularly like the section on timing of appointments into a junction or bend as arguably this is one of the hardest but crucial parts of advanced driving to master. The clever animation is an excellent training aid in demonstrating this and I shall look forward to viewing the DVD over and over again!" TW


DVD Quality

By filming in High Definition the Television Editing Studio were able to produce the very highest picture quality obtainable on a DVD. Should Blu-ray become more popular we will be able to produce Ultimate Driving Craft 2 in Blu-ray format. As with the first DVD the new DVD is also in 16.9 widescreen. Both titles are manufactured to the highest professional industry standards and are replicated from a glass master. They are delivered to you in the usual DVD case and sealed in cellophane. 

Advanced driving groups & my DVDs

I am delighted that a very large number of advanced driving groups, observers and driver trainers world wide regularly use my DVDs for classroom presentations. My DVDs are also used by police officers, associates and trainees to help prepare them for their advanced driving test. Observers and tutors have told me how much my DVDs help reduce training time and also increase the overall driving standards of their test candidates. I have also had feedback from examiners who say that they are now witnessing a much higher standard of commentary driving from test candidates.

As President of North Staffs IAM Group I am totally committed to supporting IAM and RoSPA groups throughout the UK and to the raising of driving standards nationally. To that end I am available to give help and advice to any driver or any group.


Lending - Copyright

The matter of unauthorised and illegal multi lending of my DVDs by observers, tutors and driving instructors can be overcome and made legal. Just e-mail me at

sales@driving4tomorrow.com and I will get back to you and explain your options.

I am very pleased to grant worldwide authorisation for the use of my DVDs to IAM, RoSPA, Driving Instructor and Road Safety Groups for classroom presentations, provided the origin of the DVD is made known to those present.


  Remember to switch your eyes on to main beam